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Logan Klaus

~ About ~

In the midst of a culture surrounded by pop and rap music, Logan Klaus aims to revisit the heart of Retro, Classic rock and funk music all while still nodding to the direction and foot forward todays music has inherited. With Influences like George Thorogood, Jimi Hendrix, AC/DC and Stevie Ray Vaughn, the live shows carry the same electricity and energy those from this generation and the one before are used too, ensuring that people of all ages, old or young, will love the style and music. Alternatively, his upcoming album "Where the Sun Meets the Sky" Features a more stripped down and personal take on music, aswell as the adventures of home recording. 

Someone Else: Logan Klaus

"Looking back on my entire life, all the good things and all the bad, all the memories and things that i sometimes wish i had done, and of course, things i haden't, iv begun to realize, these are what have led me to the spot i am today. Its weird seeing me from a time i don't remember, but the proof of it happening only make it superficially believable, but on the inside, i wonder what happened. Looking back today, on my birthday, I've learned to accept all the good and the bad, thank god and the universe im here and not somewhere far worse, and most importantly, ive learned not to take for granted the short time i have left on earth. Thanks everyone who watches this, i hope you enjoy the song. Its an original I wrote about a few of the bad things, but in reflection of life, isn't it the bad things that make it so we can feel the good. Thanks :)"

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