"I just go where the guitar takes me" is a quote by ACDC's Angus Young, and the words written across Logan Klaus's soul.


      So many decades and styles of music go into his onstage performance, its abnormally hard to pin down an exact genre, the only constant being raw high energy and unbelievable guitar work. Hes always been known for his striking and enthusiastic stage presence, compelling performance, and nostalgic neo-retro style; in a sense, "Future with a flavor of the past".  His powerful voice and multi instrumental ability have earned him first and finalist positions in competitions all around the Edmonton area including appearances at Beaumont Blues, talent search (K- Days exposition),The Station on Jasper Talent search (1st place), and Big Valley Jamboree Horizon Stage (2nd place) as well as guest appearances at Festival Place, the Winspear and the Jubilee Auditorium as a solo guitar player. His instrumental repertoire includes the Guitar, the Piano, Bass, Drums, Harmonica, and the Trumpet, with training in classical as well as mainstream styles of songwriting and performance. 


      In his own words: "I love to bring people together through dancing and live music whether its old or new, I'm happy to share love, joy, tears, and of course the odd guitar solo here and there. I've always been influenced by icons like Elvis, Chuck Berry, Angus Young, Stevie Ray Vaughn, Jimi Hendrix and Van Halen, but I fall in love everyday to the music of this generation and its not unlike me to throw in a Post Malone, or Childish Gambino song into the set. If it were my choice though, everyone would learn to Lindy hop."


      Although he can do it alone, a performance just wouldn't be complete without his all-star cast of band members. Parker Holberton, Zach Kaiser, Jackson Howard, and Aidan Ellis on the Bass, Keys, Drums, Sax and Guitar respectively. They'll often say "loosen up", or "bring your dancing shoes, we might do a few throwbacks tonight." The bands 4 part vocal harmonies, technical proficiency, and live performance maturity builds a thunderous foundation for Logan and add to the overall electricity  of the act, keeping a positive air in times, but supporting him in the somber more heart-wrenching original songs.  


      "Diggin' my own grave": a dangerously upbeat hard rock and blues song Releases February 22nd, and will mark his first professionally executed single with 2 following in April as well as an album releasing in June of this year. The song is lighthearted with a comical air used to conceal the muddier, darker side of the experience that shadows the pressures and tensions of relationships, the average song might not touch on. All we know is that even before the release he's had people chanting Diggin' my own grave on their way out the door.


      Finally: "My life has been stolen by music. I'd go any length and any distance to live up to the stars that have come ahead of me, and the best part is, that I'm in love with it all. I can't wait to look back one day and see how far I've come, all the places I've gotten to visit, and the people I've gotten to meet, the hearts I've broken, and that have broken me. The debt I owe to the people who have helped and coached me here is something I'll never be able to return, at least not in this lifetime."


Every performance is sure to be an experience where nothing is left on the table.

He cant guarantee it, but even Marty Mcfly would be satisfied. 


To get Logans latest recordings and any inquiries on private performances or concert dates, email him at: loganklausmusic@gmail.com  



Diggin' My Own GraveLogan Klaus
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