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"Wasting Time"

"Where The Sun Meets The Sky


Wasting Time: 

"How do you sum up 12 years of your life in 3 verses and a chorus? It was definitely very hard and a-lot had to be left out. As request from my graduating class, I was given the opportunity to write a song to all of my classmates and perform it at our graduation ceremony. I was really excited to film my whole graduation day aswell as the performance, taking a picture with the whole graduating class and using it as the album artwork, and producing the music video of the entire graduation day. "Wasting Time" Will be released on june 27th 2019" - Logan K.

Where the Sun meets the sky:

"I always wanted to learn how to make my own music at home, and id been writing songs for a few years prior to moving into the city. Our new house came with the feature of an oversized closet which i turned into "Studio". I hung christmas lights,  bought a bunch of old speakers and spent 2 years learning how to record on my own and produce sound to the best of my knowledge. It was alot of fun. The album was my best grasp at depicting the emotions i felt while writing the songs, wondering about life and death and where people go after they die, imagining the horizon as some sort of gateway. Where the sun meets the sky is dedicated to all the friends and people i shared the best and worst memories with and will be released June 28th 2019" - Logan K. 

Wasting Time Album Artwork.png
album artwork.png
Video Wall

The Station on Jasper (Edmonton AB) february 9th 2019.

Wasting Time - Grad 2019

"Looking back on my entire life, all the good things and all the bad, all the memories and things that i sometimes wish i had done, and of course, things i haven't., I've begun to realize these are what have led me to the spot i am today. On the inside, i wonder what happened. Looking back today, on my birthday, I've learned to accept all the good and the bad, thank god and the universe im here and not somewhere far worse. Most importantly, I've learned not to take for granted the short time i have left on earth. Thanks everyone who watches this, i hope you enjoy the song. Its an original I wrote about a few of the bad things, but in reflection of life, isn't it the bad things that make it so that we can feel the good. Thanks again" 

Someone Else: Logan Klaus

Voodoo child Cover

Kat Zel and Logan Klaus : Second Chances


Where The Sun Meets The Sky Album Booklet

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